Enjoy an eco-Christmas!

Enjoy an eco-Christmas!

Christmas is a beautiful and fun-filled time however it can be harmful to wildlife and the environment. We give our top tips on having an eco-Christmas this year!


Decorations add festive cheer at this time of year, but can also have a carbon footprint. This year why not try:

Re-use your Christmas tree - rather than purchasing a new tree, re-use the one from last year... or look after a real tree and reuse it every year! 

Natural decorations - avoid plastic decorations or those covered in glitter. How about trying pine cone decorations, or hand made bunting?

Recyclable wrapping paper - brown paper makes for a lovely vintage look when used to wrap presents... plus it is recyclable. 


Make a Christmas wreath for birds

Christmas decorations don't just have to be pretty, they can also make a difference for wildlife! This year why not create an edible Christmas wreath for birds?

Here's how


Spread the message by buying eco-friendly gifts for friends and family!

Less plastic - Look out for gifts that come with as little packaging as possible - or plastics that you can recycle. 

Make your gifts - We have plenty of ideas for wildlife-friendly gifts you can make! Why not show off your creative skills?

Handmade gifts

Adopt a Species - Give the gift of protecting wildlife in Kent by adopting one of our species! Your lucky recipient will receive cute cuddly toy, a certificate, fun fact sheet, and more

Adopt a Species

Zero-waste kit If you are stuck for some gift ideas, why not try a zero-waste kit. You could include metal or bamboo straws, cutlery, a reusable travel cup, an aluminium bottle, reusable bee's wax wraps, and many more.

Gift a membership

Gifting a Kent Wildlife Trust membership makes a perfect present for nature-loving friends and family. It will inspire them to help protect their local environment and also gives them the opportunity to explore beautiful places, learn about wildlife and attend special events. 

Sign up before the 18th of December to receive a winter bundle. There's limited stock - so hurry before they all go!

Sign-up here

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