Recording Wildlife in the Medway Smile

What are WildWalks?

WildWalks is a new format and website which helps people to record their local wildlife. It has been developed by The Wildlife Trusts, in partnership with the British Trust for Ornithology (BTO). Take a WildWalk around your local landscape and enjoy the wonders of nature, while helping it at the same time. Note the species and habitats you see and join The Wildlife Trusts in monitoring local wildlife as part of our Living Landscapes initiative.

Championed by The Wildlife Trusts, Living Landscapes are a new way of thinking big about how we manage the land for wildlife, people and the economy. By working on a landscape-scale with partners, landowners and local communities, we are bringing isolated pockets of nature together to form a network and help wildlife to recover and thrive across the UK. More information can be found here: http://www.wildlifetrusts.org/wildwalks

Our main aim with this project is to record key species in the wider landscape outside of our reserves and areas of management influence.

How do I get involved?

Simply and easily by following these steps:

  • Step 1: Register with WildWalks at www.wild-walks.org
  • Step 2: Choose your WildWalk – these will be set up on the website under Medway Smile Living Landscape
  • Request a map if required paul.tinsley-marshall@kentwildlife.co.uk 
  • Step 3: Take note of the plants and animals you see during your WildWalk
  • Step 4: Upload your sightings to the relevant walk by signing in at www.wild-walks.org
  • Choose ‘Medway Smile’ from the drop down menu, then Enter data
  • 1. Where and when did you go? (Choose the name of the walk from the drop down menu)
  • 2. What did you see? (Under the ‘Where’ drop down menu choose ‘Pinpointed’ and drag the pin on the map to record a grid reference for each sighting)
  • Step 5: Choose another walk, or repeat your walk, and create some new wildlife recordings!

Where should I walk?

We would like to increase the amount of information we have about wildlife in the Medway Smile Living Landscape in areas outside of our reserves. By recording key species in the interconnecting areas between our reserves we can start to build a picture of how wildlife is able to exist and move through the landscape, contributing to one of the key aims of living landscapes: more joined up.

The WildWalk Routes

  • Birling (4km)
  • Bredhurst Woods and The Larches (10km)
  • Burham (8km)
  • Nashenden and Wouldham (7km)
  • Snodland (6km)

If you would like to carry out a wild walk (just one walk or regularly in the same or different places) please contact the Biodiversity Information Officer, e: paul.tinsley-marshall@kentwildlife.org.uk for a map, and to discuss which walk would suit preferences.

What should I record?

Records of all species are of interest to us. Recording some key species which are specialists of the habitats we are protecting will provide the most valuable data, telling us about how our conservation work is helping species in the wider landscape.

The following guide to easily identifiable species is designed to make wildlife recording accessible to experienced and non-experienced recorders alike.

More information on what to record can be found in the attached document "Recording Wildlife in the Medway Smile".