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  • 'Silver butterfly' accolades

    Wednesday 6th November, 2013

    Recipients of the silver butterfly awards

    Kent Wildlife Trust’s annual ‘Silver Butterfly’ volunteer awards were presented at its AGM and Members’ Open Day held at the East Malling Research Station Conference Centre on September 27th. Brian Marsh of the Marsh Christian Trust and founder of the awards scheme, which recognizes volunteering excellence, read the citations.

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  • A big thank you..

    Wednesday 16th October, 2013

    Volunteers working on the bird santuary fencing © Ian Rickards

    As we go from summer into autumn, I would like to take the opportunity to say a huge thank-you to the volunteers and supporters that help look after our wonderful Hothfield Heathlands nature reserve. During the summer our volunteers have been busy battling bracken, beating up birch and fine tuning the fencing.

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  • False stories about false widow spiders

    Wednesday 16th October, 2013

    newspaper articles with incorrect photos of false widow spiders

    News stories about false widow spiders are an annual occurrence, but this year the coverage has been far more persistent, with more sensationalised, unsubstantiated and downright nonsense stories than usual. With over 650 species of spider in the country but very limited public awareness there is little appreciation of the diversity of spiders, and any spiders vaguely resembling false widows (and some spiders looking nothing like false widows), are being identified as such by the press and subsequently members of the public, and vice versa since it seems fact-checking by journalists is rare. Having said that, false widows are fairly common and widespread in the South, and have been around for some time.

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  • Leaving a natural legacy - a gift for future generations

    Monday 14th October, 2013

    orange comma butterfly on a leaf

    From soaring high kestrels to babbling chalkstreams, wildlife is an iconic part of our lives and gifts in wills can help Kent Wildlife Trust protect some of our most precious species and habitats.

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  • Bumper migration of wading birds at Oare Marshes

    Wednesday 18th September, 2013

    spotted crake at Oare Marshes

    Late summer and early autumn at Oare Marshes has seen huge numbers of wading birds passing through on their annual migration to over-wintering locations.

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  • Appeal for livestock checkers

    Tuesday 17th September, 2013

    sheep grazing

    With the increasing number and variety of livestock that the trust owns or loans conservation grazing is becoming an increasingly important management tool. Thanks to recent project funding many of the chalk downland reserves in the Darenth Valley are being grazed by sheep and cattle this winter, and this year for the first time we will be using goats to control invasive buddleia and silver birch at Sevenoaks Wildlife Reserve.

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  • Heather flowering at Hothfield Heathlands

    Tuesday 17th September, 2013

    Heather in flower

    August and September are the months that the heather bursts into flower, covering our reserve with a carpet of purple flowers. Shading from bracken and birch scrub, has restricted the development of heather, but the recent work to create a more open habitat has allowed new heather seedlings to pop up all over the place!!

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  • A remarkable year for orchids at Hothfield Heathlands

    Thursday 8th August, 2013

    pink heath spotted orchid in grass

    Allthough the weather has been miserable for butterflies and dragonflies, the plants have responded beautifully. It has been a remarkable year for orchids. Kent is a particularly good county for orchids, and contains a number of plants that struggle in the rest of the country.

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  • 90-strong flock to tackle castle scrub

    Friday 2nd August, 2013

    Sheep on grounds at Dover Castle

    A flock of 90 hardy Herdwick sheep were released by Kent Wildlife Trust into the historic grounds of Dover Castle this week following last year’s successful trial run when conservation grazing took place there for the first time in over 50 years.

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  • Rare moth species first for Kent

    Tuesday 30th July, 2013

    micro moth found at Holborough Marshes

    A species of moth not previously seen in Kent and known only by its Latin name Harpella forficella has been discovered at Kent Wildlife Trust’s Holborough Marshes nature reserve, near Snodland.

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