Barn Owl Update

Sunday 12th July 2015

Barn Owl at Oare Marshes (c) J HighamBarn Owl at Oare Marshes (c) J Higham

Barn Owl populations have struggled over the last few years. Find out how Kent Wildlife Trust are helping to protect this important bird.

Following our 'Save the Barn Owl's' Appeal we are pleased to update you with the following news:

  • Locally a new barn owl box was erected at our new Conningbrook Lakes nature reserve built by local volunteer Paul Harris.
  • There have been excellent sightings of barn owls throughout spring at Hothfield Heathlands, with a very bold owl regularly being seen from late afternoon onwards.
  • Sadly the remains of one of the Hothfield owls was found earlier this year and we believe it was one of the breeding pair. However, the pair have bred successfully for the previous 3 years, so we hope there are plenty of younger owls in the area to take over the territory. 
  • An article by KSCP indicates a good season for barn owls last year so we are hoping that this good news continues.

To find out how you can join us to protect this much loved bird please click here or call Tyland Barn on 01622 662012.