Council backs nature's role in local economy

Friday 13th December 2013

Cllr Seán Holden (left) and John Bennett inspect insect homes in Tyland Barn’s wCllr Seán Holden (left) and John Bennett inspect insect homes in Tyland Barn’s wild garden © Kent Wildlife Trust

Seán Holden, Deputy Cabinet Member for Economic Development at Kent County Council visited Kent Wildlife Trust’s HQ near Maidstone last week to discuss the important contribution a healthy natural environment makes to the County economy. Seán is keen to raise awareness of the importance of insect pollinators to farming and fruit businesses in Kent.

Following a Bee Summit, which was attended by a number of farming, research and environmental bodies, Cllr Holden is launching an ‘Action Plan BEE’ to make sure that natural pollinators can continue to make a contribution to producing our food. While he was at Tyland Barn, Cllr Holden looked at artificial insect homes that have been installed in the Trust’s Wildlife Garden.

Cllr Holden said: "The Trust is a special asset for Kent and I am very glad to be working with it in our bee campaign to try to improve the habitat and the bee-friendly flowers available. Meeting the people who run Kent Wildlife Trust on behalf of its 31,000 members has helped me to appreciate the enormous value and variety of its work for our county."

John Bennett, Chief Executive of the Trust, said: “It is important that everyone with a stake in the future of the County is aware of the particular value of Kent’s wild places and wild animals - we all depend on them. I am pleased that the Trust and Cllr Holden are able to work together on this important initiative.”

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