Every donation, whether £10 (buys 4.1sq metres) or £100 (buys 41sq metres) makes a huge difference in securing the chalk grassland that will be used for the benefit of nature for generations to come. We must act quickly, as we've got to raise the funds by 1st September.

What your money can help protect
Urgent Appeal- Land Purchase

On the outskirts of Dover there lies a beautiful piece of chalk grassland; a haven for wildlife, and a cherished area for locals and visitors alike to walk, offering wonderful views across the downlands. 

Pyramidal Orchid

This year we have the chance to purchase crucial new land that will transform Lydden Temple Ewell Reserve for the future. We’ve already secured one five-acre extension thanks to the hard work and generosity of our donors and partners. Now we urgently need your support to raise a further £78,000 to buy a second, eight-acre extension; an essential part of the Lydden Temple Ewell Jigsaw.


Wart-biter cricket

This second purchase will positively transform the work the Trust is already doing on the existing 220 acres of land. It will allow us to extend our grazing area, connecting water and electricity to the land, and providing improved access to the whole site.

Current total £53593 - 68.7 percent of our £78,000 goal.

Some species that will benefit from this new land:

Lydden Temple Ewell Map

  • Wart-biter cricket - Lydden Temple Ewell Reserve is one of only 5 UK sites that this rare insect resides
  • Ground nesting birds such as the Skylark, grey partridge and meadow pipit
  • Orchids including burnt tip, fragrant and bee orchids.
  • 30 species of butterfly including the Adonis blue, chalk hill blue and silver spotted skipper

Alongside this vital conservation work, we also want to improve your visit to the site with new signage, information boards and set walks. We aim to make this a site where nature and people can coexist. Everyone can enjoy this magnificent reserve, whilst ensuring these fragile habitats and endangered species are protected.

Did you Know? Lydden is one of only five UK sites where the wart-biter cricket can be found; Kent Wildlife Trust has committed £25.m to the Dover area in the last five years; The UK has 50+ species of wild orchid, with more varieties in Kent than any other county; The average skylark song is 2 minutes, but there are records of songs 30 minutes long.

How You Can Help

A donation of £100 would help the Trust to buy 41 square metres of invaluable land.

Every square metre can reveal up to 40 plant species as well as a host of butterflies, moths and birds amongst others. You can be sure that your donation will help us purchase and protect the most species-rich habitat that we have in Kent.

Skylark © Amy Lewis