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It’s your choice

It’s your choice whether you choose to support grant applications and/or land purchases. If you choose to support large grant applications that we submit to other grant-giving agencies, your donation can be used as partnership funding to access substantial grants and investment from other providers. In other words, your generous gift of £500 (or more if you can) will unlock more funding.

How does it work?

Many of our projects are too large to be funded by Kent Wildlife Trust member donations alone, so we often approach other financial providers and grant giving bodies.

Heather Corrie, who is a Flourish fund supporter explains here how it works:

Heather Corrie - Flourish Fund Supporter“The larger funders usually ask us to put in around 10% (sometimes more) of the project total. So, in this example, my £2,000 which I have donated could unlock £18,000 grants. Then, if the project is eligible for gift aid and because I am a UK taxpayer, Kent Wildlife Trust can also claim a further 25% from the tax authorities increasing the cash it receives to £2500. Also, given I am a higher rate taxpayer eligible for higher rate tax relief, I am also able to claim back 20% of the original donation (£400) at the end of my tax year. So, in this example, I have actually spent £1600 cash which has allowed the Trust to access well in excess of that. A win-win situation! My £2000 donation is not enough on its own to fund a project, so we get together in the Flourish Fund and form a club”

We sincerely hope that you will choose to make a significant difference and become a Flourish supporter. To find out more please contact Michelle Boakes on 01622 357830 or email michelle.boakes@kentwildlife.org.uk

Alternatively, if you would like to talk anything through, do pop in to Tyland Barn Visitor Centre and ask for Michelle – there is always time for a chat and a cuppa!