Flourish Achievements

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Flourish donations help to lever in additional funding, making your hard earned money go even further.

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Flourish donations helped to secure £446,000 Heritage Lottery funding for Guardians of the Deep; a three-year project that aims to engage communities, businesses and visitors by raising awareness of marine habitats and promoting an active and ongoing guardianship role to protect them for the future.

“A considerable part of my life has been spent in a coastal area, so I have good reason to value the marine habitat myself. I am delighted that my contribution to the Flourish fund helped to secure the funding from the Heritage Lottery fund for Guardians of the Deep.” ~ Flourish fund supporter

Flourish also helped to secure the purchase of Magpie Bottom, a stunningly beautiful landscape near Sevenoaks, comprising a valley bottom and steep sides of a dry chalk valley.

To find out more please contact Michelle Boakes, Individual Giving Officer, on 01622 357830 or email michelle.boakes@kentwildlife.org.uk