Beaver Evenings


Unfortunately there will be no Beaver Evenings during 2018.  

This is because the Beavers have been very successful at supporting the management of this special habitat and the Reserve is now no longer suitable for visitors.

We started running Beaver evenings at our Ham Fen Nature Reserve near sandwich once a month in 2015. Ham Fen is Kent’s last remaining fenland and has a rare and distinctive community of wildlife. Participants on these evenings found out about our fascinating Beaver Project and some were lucky enough to observe beavers in the wild. 

Our beaver evenings proved so popular that we continued to run them a couple of times a month for the next two years. During this time, the beavers have been doing what we want them to do, which is flood the site. Unfortunately this has made access to the reserve difficult and beaver sightings less common. We have now decided that we should now just leave the beavers to do their job in peace!  

Please be aware that this reserve has restricted access and is ordinarily closed to the public. Visits are only by booking at scheduled events or by prior arrangement.