Wellbeing comes from the natural world and makes an enormous difference to those that live and run their businesses in Kent.

Responsibility for health and wellbeing at work belongs to the employer, and with the support of Kent Wildlife Trust, you can look to better employee productivity through stronger links with nature.

Why not join me for an informal chat and I can tell you more about the Trust and how an association with us can be mutually beneficial.

Marion Turner - Corporate Development

Marion Turner
Corporate Development

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Workplace wellbeing is rapidly moving up the agenda of business. It is now seen as not only the right thing to do, but it also makes economic sense: companies with high levels of wellbeing perform better.

Corporate task days

Corporate task days

Your business is invited to make a difference to wildlife at our sites across the county. When you participate in our corporate task days you’ll be demonstrating your commitment to corporate social responsibility to your clients, customers and suppliers.

Your team will work together to connect with nature, carry out a variety of essential activities at our reserves and will experience a thoroughly enjoyable day.

Working together: health and wellbeing

Our aim is to increase performance through improved employee health and wellbeing.


We can help you meet this element of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which will help develop the workforce, boost innovation and enthusiasm and increase your reputation.

Nature is good for you. Using nature as a vehicle, our aim is to increase performance through improved employee health and wellbeing. We will do this through the provision of structure opportunities for increasing levels of physical activity through the natural environment.

Your business will be aligned with a local charity with a reputation that is prized and we promise to listen and respond to your needs. But most importantly, we will build our partnership and our shared outcomes together.

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