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Ed Lines: Fun in the Snow

Posted: Tuesday 6th March 2018 by ECharles

Snow in Kent

For the first time in many years, Kent has been subject to a real natural rarity – snowfall. What I find truly amazing about a natural event like snow is how it can completely capture our attention.

Fun in the snow

The weather forecasters predicting ‘The Beast from the East’ days in advance with an overtone of jeopardy. The plans and effort being put in behind closed doors to ensure that the world kept turning. People in work across the county watching carefully to see if it really was going to snow, alive to every news bulletin. All of this happening with a mixture of trepidation and excitement.
If you are around young children like I am then there is no excitement quite like waking to see that a good dollop of snow has fallen. Even for me as I near my 50th year there is still a wonder and fascination about the change to the light, the change to the sound of the world, and the sheer beauty that snow adds to the everyday of things.

And this brings me to the point of this, the first in a series of imaginatively titled ‘Ed Lines’, that nature moves us; it excites us, it captures our imagination, it can change our view of things, it can thrill us and fill us with wonder. And the best bit, we don’t have to rely on snowfall to realise this – it is there all the time humming away quite beautifully - a backdrop to all of our lives.

As the winter will now inevitably give way to the spring, I’ll be writing a regular blog so please subscribe. In the meantime please see me, Ed, and my family having fun in the snow.

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