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Kent Wildlife Trust is as dedicated today to protecting Kent’s wildlife and wild habitats as it has always been since its founding in 1958. Then, 400 people were inspired by the belief that they had to act to defend our environment. Now the demands on our knowledge and our expertise are at unprecedented levels.

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Our activities, all focused on safeguarding wildlife, have broadened unrecognisably year upon year, far beyond the hopes and aspirations of those early visionaries. Government policy continues to undervalue our natural environment, while economic pressures are making businesses, charities and individuals think hard about how they focus on what is most important.

Against this difficult background, the Trust stands alone as an independent voice for all wildlife in Kent. As the demand for our skills increases and pressure on wildlife grows it is clear that what the Trust does now has never been more important.

This is why we are asking you to help raise £100,000 which we desperately need to support our vital work: to ensure that the voice for wildlife is heard whenever it is under threat. Kent Wildlife Trust is heard and is respected. Right now this has never been more urgent as we are called upon to defend the interests of local wildlife.

  • Our conservation team - tirelessly strengthening the defence of our seas for marine wildlife; making the case for wildlife within new developments; defending Kent’s coast and skies against damaging development such as the Thames Estuary Airport.
  • Our reserves team - continually managing and extending our nature reserves as places of sanctuary - maintaining and building our knowledge of Kent’s wildlife in a time of great environmental change.
  • Our education team - passionate and dedicated, passing on to the next generation an understanding, respect and love of our natural surroundings.

Kent Wildlife Trust is the respected organisation it is now because of the sustained support we receive from you. Without the support of many like you, we could not have achieved the vision set out in 1958, we would not be achieving what we are in 2012 and we would not be confident about our ability to ensure a strong future for Kent’s wildlife.

Today, you can support the area of our work which is most important to you: conservation, reserves or education and help us in our shared dedication to protect Kent’s wildlife in these very difficult times..

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